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An animation software package that’s free is an invaluable asset for those wanting to create animated videos. There are multiple programs available; just find one that best fits your needs!

Powtoon is an amazing animation software suitable for both novices and professionals alike, boasting user-friendly navigation and plenty of unique features. However, its free plan comes with limited storage capacity – as well as the inclusion of a Powtoon watermark on videos you share online.


Japanese studio Ghibli made waves when they released Toonz as open source software – meaning animators could use it free of charge. Toonz had been used extensively by Ghibli to produce numerous masterpieces like The Tale of Princess Kaguya, Howl’s Moving Castle Ponyo and Spirited Away; unlike expensive programs which provide users with user experiences designed for them – Toonz is tailored specifically for professional animators who know how to draw and animate their own art work.

OpenToonz features include raster level support, 3D visualization, and various animation tools. Clip art and XDTS exposure sheets can be imported, while frames between keyframes can even be created by interpolating pixels or nodes.

Though Open Source software may initially seem overwhelming for beginners, its many functionalities and features can prove rewarding in the long run. While mastering its skeleton and rigging tools may take some time to master and there may occasionally be software glitches; but switching could ultimately outweigh any short-term frustrations.


Anim8or is a free 3D modeling and animation program with features usually only found in expensive paid software. Anim8or’s main purpose is to introduce beginners to 3d modeling without being overwhelmed by its complexity, while providing advanced tools for experienced users.

Scripts are programs written using the Anim8or scripting language (ASL). General scripts can be executed with the Scripts-Run-Script-File menu command; parametric plug-in scripts add basic modeling shapes like spheres and cylinders directly into the Object editor and are defined with just a few numeric values before being automatically executed when updating their geometry.

Attribute scripts allow you to define unique numeric and non-numeric properties of models, materials and characters without being visible to the user – these properties are only read by other programs. Anim8or stores attribute information both in its output file (.an8) as well as in an editable text file that external programs can edit directly.

Synfig Studio

Synfig Studio is an open-source software application specifically tailored for animation workflow. With an intuitive and easy user experience even for newcomers, its interface makes Synfig Studio perfect for professional and amateur animators alike. Furthermore, this platform boasts numerous features suitable for professional animation production companies alike.

Canvas supports an impressive variety of layers, gradients, filters, transformations and fractals. It includes an advanced bone system which enables advanced manipulation of vector artwork as well as bitmap images through a skeleton distortion layer. Canvas also supports HDRI processing which helps canvases to internally understand a greater range of luminance for lighting effects and color composition.

Animators can set keyframes and record the movement of objects over time. Once recorded, the application will figure out how to move them between positions automatically – eliminating manual tweening in favor of automated transitions. It even supports audio recording/playback capabilities so you can add soundtracks seamlessly.


Rive is an advanced tool designed for creating engaging interactive animations that run anywhere, including vector graphics and mesh deformation. Furthermore, there is a developer toolkit and its extensibility is vast.

Rive is a cloud collaboration tool designed to facilitate designers and developers creating animated graphics for apps, games and websites. With its real-time, interactive design and animation editor coupled with lightweight open-source runtime libraries such as Flutter (iOS/Android), Swift and JavaSsrirt/WebGL runtime libraries – Rive files designed in Rive can then be exported as space-efficient.riv files which can be loaded into projects runtime for use.

Rive offers two plans – free and paid Studio plans – with custom programs available to users for customization and enhancement of animations. Beginners may benefit from starting off on the free plan as an effective way of exploring whether or not Rive fits their needs; otherwise they can always opt for more advanced solutions that better meet them.

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