Photo Editing Software

Photo editing software can correct flaws and enhance images. Some programs provide various forms of sharpening to make an image clearer and more focused; other options allow you to adjust contrast and saturation levels.

Some programs require subscription payments while others can be bought outright at one-off costs. The best photo editing software offers high-level compatibility and workflow integration for an optimal experience.


Adobe Photoshop is an industry-leading photo editing program, capable of everything from retouching digital photos and graphics to composing digital artworks and compositions. Utilizing layers, Photoshop makes editing certain areas without altering other parts of an image simple and pain-free; text, shapes and 3D graphics support is available too – plus there are plug-ins which add extra features.

One of the primary features of Photoshop are its selection tools. These tools include marquee tool, lasso tool, polygonal lasso tool and magnetic lasso tool which are used to select areas for editing and can also be used to outline text or objects or create composite images – features which come in handy when designing logos, brochures and flyers.

Pixlr X

Pixlr X is an online photo editor available anywhere with internet connectivity, offering basic editing features such as cropping, rotating, and resizing images. In addition, quick ‘auto-fix’ options can help improve overexposed or underexposed photographs quickly and automatically.

This application features a layer functionality, enabling you to independently edit different parts of an image without altering its original state. With this tool, it is easy to create complex compositions from simple edits. Furthermore, there is an impressive range of filters and effects which you can adjust by altering their opacity setting.

The app also provides cutting tools, such as shape, lasso and magic wand, that make it easy to select and edit areas of an image, such as its background. This makes background removal simpler.

Photo management applications

Photo management software makes managing and editing photos more efficient while creating stories from images and videos. Furthermore, it enables sharing photos with family and friends.

Image editing tools provided include image filters and cropping features, duplicate file detection/deletion features, support for various file formats and support for tagging/categorizing capabilities allowing easier photo searching in the future.

Luminar AI is an advanced photo editor and management application powered by artificial intelligence to assist photographers with improving their images. It offers a simple yet intuitive user experience and works seamlessly with Adobe Photoshop; making it the perfect solution for both aspiring photographers and professionals.


VSCO is a photo editing app that gives users the power to express themselves creatively through photo manipulation. From basic adjustments like brightness and contrast settings to cropping functionality and collage creation capabilities, users have all of the options needed for expression within this platform.

An image’s mood is usually captured when it is taken, but can be enhanced through editing using filters that evoke different emotions. VSCO offers an impressive range of these filters that can even change its mood!

The app also offers a filmstrip view that displays all of your edited photos at once – making sharing them much simpler! This can help ensure everyone benefits from sharing edits they made together.


Snapseed is a mobile photo editing tool with professional-grade image processing, available for both iOS and Android devices and free to use. Features of Snapseed include cropping, rotation, perspective shift and tilt shift as well as changing exposure in specific areas by brushing over them.

It offers comprehensive retouching tools for smoothing out imperfections and making models appear younger, as well as a head pose adjustment feature to find the optimal position for their subject’s face.

Retrolux and Noir preset effects offer two distinctive styles of image effects: Retrolux creates an aged appearance by using dust and smears; while Noir utilizes high contrast settings and dark filter settings. Both these effects can be modified further using sliders in the toolbar.

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