Understanding the Android Framework

Android is a mobile operating system, which is developed by Google. This open source software has been designed by the collaboration of the Android developers, hardware and software engineers from Google. As the Android framework is an open source one, it can be downloaded free of cost by the users from the official website of Android. In this way, the users can have access to the latest version of Android operating system directly from the source code. Android framework is a collection of libraries and codes, which are used by the application developers to create applications for mobile devices.

The main aim of the Android application development is to give user experiences on diverse devices running on different operating systems. Android includes different libraries and tools, such as Android XML libraries, Android XML framework, Android Service layer, and Android framework. The Android framework helps in creating fast and smooth mobile applications by solving the problems related to displaying images, displaying various data, and networking. The framework allows the developers to write applications for phones running on Windows, Symbian, and other mobile platforms. Android supports a wide variety of features, such as Android widgets, Activities, Fragments, and more.

Android provides rich user interfaces, which allow easy navigation and interaction with text and graphics on the mobile devices. The framework provides many features, such as theme engines, keyboard, activity icons, and several other features. The text-based interface design of Android helps the developer to create dynamic visual designs for the applications. The android support for fragmented images and high resolution images have made it more popular among the mobile application developers.

Android applications can be distributed over a wide platform, such as Android ecosystem. The android ecosystem offers more opportunities for the android application developers, who can target different devices and operating systems with the same application. As android is open source software, it provides the opportunity to the third party applications developers to create a profitable business from the android market.

android application development has a bright future ahead. It has the ability to create unique user experiences and it can help in providing enhanced productivity to users. The android applications are available free of cost, which makes it a very appealing platform for business ventures. The android market is growing rapidly day by day. With almost 500 million downloads per month, it is the most popular smartphone app in the world.

To develop highly interactive android applications, the android framework is the right option for you. To know about the different features of the android framework and android development, you can search various online sites that provide information about the same. Android software development has become an ideal choice for businesses and individuals planning to launch their mobile applications.

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