The Benefits of Using a Cooler For Your New Nvidia RTX 30-series Video Card

The Nvidia RTX 30-series graphics card is a new addition to the range of high end cards in the market. It is equipped with the powerful components of the new generation of graphics cards such as the Kepler and Maxwell. While it possesses many of the features of the previous cards, it also offers something unique – an integrated cooler. It has two fans inside that are able to cool the processor and the integrated memory module. When compared to the previous generation of graphics cards, the cooler doubles the performance of the processor.

However, the coolers are not only meant for the card but for the whole unit. The heat sink and fans are placed on the motherboard, which can help improve the stability of the system. This can be seen from the increased power draw from the system. The improved stability of the computer can be seen through a better fan performance.

There are plenty of reasons to consider the use of a cooler when looking at the new cards from Nvidia. With the use of the cooler, the clocks of the graphics card will operate at a much higher frequency. This means that there will be a considerable increase in the G-sync and v-sync rates. The increase in the clocks means that more frames can be rendered per second.

This leads to an overall performance boost and brings about a dramatic leap in the graphical capabilities of the graphics card. With the cooler kit, there is also a greater ability to overclock the card. However, there are certain conditions under which the best overclocking can be achieved without the use of the cooler.

A minor benefit of the cooler is that it improves the lifespan of the card. This means that it is important to protect the card as best as possible when installing it. When graphics cards become over-clocked, they tend to experience much wear and tear as a result of the increased temperatures. The cards can begin to fail after several months of use if they are not well taken care of. The cooler provides an excellent way of keeping the cards looking as good as new while offering a degree of longevity.

With these benefits offered by the Nvidia RTX 30-series, the new cards from the manufacturer can compete with the leading cards in the market. They offer twice the amount of shading, and six times the texture mapping for their price. This is a rather substantial increase when taking into consideration the cost of the cooler kit. Furthermore, the cards are much more durable than previous generation cards. It is not difficult to see why this new line of graphics cards are among the most popular on the market.

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