Best Android Apps for Productivity and Time Management

From jotting down ideas to keeping track of projects, personal productivity apps offer an effective way of getting more done and achieving goals – all on the smaller screen of an Android device!

Keep tabs on your hours with this simple app that can turn them into billable minutes. It includes Pomodoro timers and white noise to help users concentrate, as well as the Eisenhower matrix for sorting tasks by importance.

Daily Bean

    Daily Bean is a good-looking and easy-to-use journaling app that’s similar to Apple’s own offering but with extra features and customization options. Users can record mood, activity, thoughts with a tap; plus it comes with fun themes and icons to jazz up each entry.

    The app has a monthly calendar that shows your mood flow at a glance, with five mood beans that can be clicked to instantly record any change or mood shift in real time. Category blocks and stats look at weekly/monthly activity trends too.

    This one lets you keep an eye on how you’re feeling over time so you can manage them better — ideal for anyone looking for a mood-tracking journaling app to help stay positive.

    Spike Email

      Spike Email takes emails into an approachable chat-like interface that helps teams streamline communication by cutting out confusion caused by complex threads or errors from forgetting who was CC’d on what. Emails are color coded so they’re easy to spot while its chat-like platform keeps conversations focused so work gets done.

      One clever feature is the ability to sort messages by person rather than subject, like how instant messaging apps group conversations — useful for quickly finding things related to specific people.

      The app also has voice notes built-in and includes a sidebar showing details about who you’re talking to alongside files shared between you both. And it integrates seamlessly with popular calendar apps so appointments don’t end up spread across different tools.


        Todoist is a highly regarded task management system with apps for any device/OS combo, packed with great features to help users work smart. There are also pricing plans designed to promote work-life balance and productivity.

        It has an intuitive yet user-friendly UI, supports multiple languages making life or project organization simple and easy. Progress can be tracked and tasks prioritized easily using this platform.

        Todoist’s smart quick add lets you create tasks using natural language, like “every Thursday” or “remind me on Monday”. The app works offline then syncs as soon as it gets online; it also does recurring tasks and team workspaces.

        Google Tasks

          Google software tends to be user friendly – their Tasks app is no exception, providing users with a simple to-do list that syncs across devices signed into your Google account.

          Users can add notes and details to tasks, set reminders based on time or location, drag-and-drop tasks into lists for better organization – or add time/location-based reminders.

          People can produce labels that are personalized to them so they can sort through and prioritize tasks based on their own criteria. This is especially helpful for SMBs who want a good task management system to improve productivity.


            Google Tasks is an easy-to-use task app designed for all devices. It’s perfect for taking notes, managing projects or organizing your personal life!

            The app’s standout feature is its ability to search images, which allows you to pull up text from whiteboards, documents, business cards, recipes or ads – anything you take a photo of – saving time on searching and delivering information in the most useful form for later consumption.

            Evernote’s free version has its limitations but upgrading will get you features like a custom home dashboard, templates and saved searches along with more monthly storage and PDF annotation. Users can also stay on track with Evernote’s collaboration tools through real-time editing that syncs instantly.

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