Why Do People Love Android?

Android is a powerful open-source mobile operating system based on the Linux kernel and various open source applications, designed mainly for touch screen mobile phones like tablets and smartphones. Android is basically a free software project, developed by a group of developers, headed by the likes of HTC and Samsung. Since its inception, Android has been greatly shaped and tweaked to suit different mobile hardware, feature-set, and user requirements across many different manufacturers. With the huge success of Android, almost all upcoming smartphones are powered by the Linux-based OS.

Apart from the many advanced functionalities that Android offers its users, the open-source mobile platform has been further polished to make it more user-friendly. One of the most widely used and appreciated features of Android is the very efficient usage of memory. Android apps can efficiently use up system resources without making the system laggard in its performance. The users are able to enjoy high-speed services and apps running on rooted Android devices.

Another notable benefit of Android is its support for a wide range of hardware from diverse manufacturers, which enables the users to use a variety of installed applications. Apart from this, Android offers the users excellent browsing experience with excellent media playback capabilities. One of the major advantages of Android users is the security they enjoy from phone manufacturers and carriers. Most advanced Android phones come pre-installed with Google Android OS, which ensures that the users get quality security and privacy protection from carriers and handset makers.

Android users can download and install any of the thousands of apps available for Android devices. A lot of popular Android apps have been developed specifically to cater to the diverse requirements of Android users. These apps offer users a great variety of services and features, ranging from games to personalised music players to social networking tools. In fact, Android is evolving into a very vibrant entertainment and communication platform for the users. With the increasing demand of Android apps, developers too have realized the importance of developing apps for Android users and are in full control of the Android market, catering to varied requirements of Android enthusiasts.

Android users love Android tablets such as the capacitive Android tablets and the smooth Android tablets powered by the Samsung Galaxy Tab. This large selection of Android tablets with different screen sizes has made it easy for users to select their favourite Android tablet and enjoy the ultimate entertainment experience on the go. The users love the high-end features of Android such as the multitasking features and high resolution Android architecture. The latest models of Google Android tablets run on the new Kit Kat 4.4 operating system, which offers the smooth performance of Android devices. Even the Google Nexus S and HTC Desire HD used the new Android Ice Cream Sandwich, one of the most powerful and feature-rich mobile operating systems.

The users love Android apps for their unique user interface and ease of use. These apps add fun and excitement to the users life and the developers are making the Android apps more user friendly so that the users can use these apps with ease and convenience. The users can download any of the Android apps of their choice from the Android market site and can enjoy the ultimate entertainment experience with the help of these applications. These Android applications are not just available to a limited range of users. Any Android application can be bought from the Google play store, and the users can either choose to buy the application or unlock the app and use it with unlimited users.

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