How to Find the Best Hardware

Personal computer hardware can be an absorbing subject for tech enthusiasts and regular computer users alike, offering much to discover from processors to graphics cards.

There are various excellent websites dedicated to hardware such as PC World, Legit Reviews and Hardware Heaven which provide comprehensive information.

PC World

PC World provides readers with a wide array of buying guides and comparisons to help them navigate the vast selection of available options. Whether they need a laptop, desktop computer, gaming console, high-end monitor or other product for any purpose – PC World provides readers with all they need to select the perfect products.

PC World magazine also provides tips and tricks for getting the most from your PC, such as optimizing operating systems and increasing productivity with simple steps. In addition, PC World keeps readers abreast of current tech news while providing insight into its ever-evolving world of personal computing. In addition, its dedicated gaming coverage provides recommendations for hardware and software solutions suited for hardcore as well as casual gamers alike.

Hot Hardware

Tom’s Hardware has long been one of the premier names in digital tech media. Established in 1996, their user-friendly software provides readers with easy-to-read category links, RSS feeds and search fields as well as an integrated comments section featuring topic tagging and buddy lists – giving readers access to high quality news and reviews about hardware devices.

Reviews provided on the site are comprehensive and in-depth, offering up technical specs and benchmarks that provide you with an understanding of each product in question. Furthermore, comparisons between similar items help make an informed decision when making your choice. They have regular review sections as well as an in-depth “Miscellaneous” section covering everything from solid state drives to water cooling systems.

Hardware Heaven

Hardware Heaven presents its Steampunk inspired Victorian-style set. Including a corset, statement neck piece and wrist cuffs & boot spats to add an edge of Steampunk style to any ensemble, this piece from this collection is versatile enough to wear alone or complement other outfits in an instant!

Heaven Benchmark is an intensive GPU benchmark designed to push graphics cards to their limit, providing an accurate way of testing a cooling system’s capacity and checking performance under stock and overclocking conditions.

PC Perspective

PC Perspective has been providing home users and enthusiasts alike with news and reviews of hardware relevant to them for 19 years, offering both news and product reviews relevant to home use and enthusiasts. Recently, editor-in-chief Ryan Shrout made headlines when he announced his departure from both his consulting firm and PC Perspective as chief performance strategist, joining Intel instead. His decision was partly motivated by increased commitments at his consulting company while seeking more work/life balance; Ken Addison will take his place. Ryan would like to thank readers for all of their years of loyalty and support over time!

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