Email Extractor is a designed program used to harvest email addresses. It extracts emails from the internet. It searches through the local files and webs and compiles a list of email addresses.

Lite 1.4 email extractor is an email extractor that aims at being a super email extraction site. It extracts important email addresses from different content. It compiles them into a list that is easy to understand. Lite 1.4 email extractor does bulk mail extractions in an easy a simple way. A simple procedure is required and the extraction is complete.

  • Copy email addresses from any of the emails you use.
  • Paste them on the form provided.
  • Drag the separator box and select the separator.
  • Group the emails to be extracted
  • Choose to sort them alphabetically
  • Click the extract box

It is as simple as that without any difficulties. The pages will load very fast. The final product is email count that is well sorted. Lite 1.4 email extractor main difference from other extractors is sorting. It is a unique feature found in Lite 1.4 email extractor. The extractor gives a feedback of needed email only from the web pages. It is a fully programmed email harvester.

lite 1.4 email extractor

Lite Extractor

Lite extractor is the best email extractor programs available. It comes in a different form and Lite 1.4 email extractor is one of them. Other lite extractors include:

  • Lite 1.7
  • Lite 1.16

The lite extractors perform same functions. The difference is the additional features that others lack. It is a free utility that is simple and better. It works on the principle copy, paste, and extract.

Email Extraction

Lite 1.4 email extractor is one of the best email extractors. An Email extractor has a very powerful engine. This engine helps in harvesting emails faster. It uses less of the resources in the computer and is very effective. Email extractors run in the background without interfering with the active tabs. Duplicate email addresses are eliminated by this program automatically.

An effective email extractor is an important tool in internet marketing. This is because of many clients that internet marketers deal with. The email extractor boosts businesses by doubling and tripling the contact lists. This increases online sales within several minutes. It is a sure too for your email marketing business. This program comes with several advantages including;

  • User-friendly interface
  • Easiness of installation and use.
  • Impressive speed in extraction process
  • Smooth performance during harvesting.
  • Can cope with many websites
  • Can extract massive email addresses

Extracting emails is eased and time to search for contacts is reduced. This helps save long hours of searching for contacts. It is designed to automatically delete duplicate electronic messages. It can extract one hundred email addresses in a minute. People purchase it because of its efficiency and super performance. Customers should have confidence and receive its quality services.

There are trial versions that are used for testing the workability of the program before purchasing. Scan files, hard drives, folders when doing your businesses. It helps in determining who has received messages and who has not.

It is a sure way of conducting perfect communications with clients. This helps in proper record keeping of all business communication done. Transparency and efficiency on communications are achieved with this proper program.

Vendors offer programs that are designed for email extractions. Reduce the volume of spam received in your business transaction using Lite 1.4 email extractor. Make your communication easy and effective with this superb program.

Boost your business within minutes and maximize profits. Reduce your human efforts of struggling with a manual method. Save the costs of employing people to sort your emails and save your business.